Software Project Management

Some long term projects needs a fully dedicated team.

Do you have a new killer application idea and want your own team to build it? Do you have ongoing ideas and you want to have an internal team to be fully dedicated during the entire project lifetime? Let us step in and help!

What can you do?

We can help you hiring your own team starting from the recruitment, training them and preparing them to complete your project the way we do.

We also offer an excellent project management and Quality Assurance [QA] package. Our QA service consists of collection technical testing and analysis against the project source code, in order to assure a high quality applications.

We also offer Agile Coaching for your team. You can learn more about Agile project management methodology through our blog post [Agile Methodology] .

Is this better than outsourcing the project to a professional team?

It depends on your priorities. Hiring your own team could cost more than the cost of outsourcing the project. On the other hand, having your own professional team – with the right project management – gives you more flexibility and control over your project. To clear things for you, we offer a free initial consultation: