Automating your restaurant and cafe: Easy & fast orders = more orders!

Restaurant and cafe smart ordering system

Ordenaline™ is a mobile-based ordering application that you can use for your restaurant and cafe. Just place your Android-powered tablet on tables or hand it to your waiters, and your customers can start using it immediately to browse your menu and pick their order.

How it works?

Ordenaline™ supports two modes: Waiter mode or Table mode.

1- Your customer pick up the table tablet and browse your menu.

2- After your customers confirm their order, the order is automatically transferred to your kitchen screen.

3- Your customer can add other items at anytime.

4- After finishing their meal/drink, your cashier will find the table receipt ready through his screen.

That’s it!

  • No more customer wasted time waiting for your busy waiters, therefore increase your orders per table.
  • Prices change and new items are added/removed from time to time? No problem, you can always control your menu.
  • Amazing branding for your business through an easy to use technology.
  • Forget all about writing order memos and printing menus, save the environment and help the world by transferring into a green organization.
  • Download Ordenaline™ product showcase, and feel free to reach us for a free initial consultation: