Ordenaline - Restaurant and Cafe mobile ordering system for Waiters, Kitchen and Tables

Ordenaline™: Restaurant and cafe tablet system

An ordering system that waiters can use to collect orders from customers to be sent immediately to back kitchen. No more wasted time between customers and kitchen so that more orders can be done in less time.

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Auto Clinic - Clinics Management System

Auto Clinic™: Clinic reservation system for computers and tablets

Manage clinic reservations and patients records with the easiest clinic management system ever.

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QP Factory Management Software

QP™: Factory production management software

Manage production orders, raw materials, products, sales, purchasing and inventory in a few clicks. Easy and efficient.

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From our headquarters in Tenth of Ramadan and Cairo, Egypt, we've spent 11 years delivering projects for businesses from small to med-size and government organizations. How can we can put technology to work to solve YOUR business problems?

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We offer expert web design and custom software engineering for small-to-mid-sized companies in Tenth of Ramadan city and Cairo who are looking to get more customers or automate their business.
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